SaiSandesh on 15th March

:: 15th March 2007 ::

This is the last discourse of Baba before proceeding to India. Thus, It is my earnest endeavour to put in my best into this lecture. With Baba’s grace and taking his name I shall now commence.

The Avatar of Kalki depicts pure mind and body reaching the heavenly abode. Mahabharata depicts impure mind, since negative aspects are present. When the mind gets attached to a child the child gets polluted. Karma is a part and parcel of Mahabharata. The aim of this epic is to teach us to get rid of impurities within.

Bhishma, the seer is said to not have married and remained celibate as at the conscious level the male and female energies are merged together within him, thus the realized state is already achieved.

When one possesses only intellect, it leads one to analyse and only analyse !

Kunti – is the mother of senses. Through the senses, Baba teaches us that we can attain the realized state, the Paramathma. Krishna, the Paramathma is depicted in this epic as being related to Kunti due to this reason. As the Paramathma is within us, it is our duty to find that Paramathma, that state of mind consciousness.

Yudhistra – Dharmaputra his other name, literally means “son of Dharma(law). Symbolising the law of things, the code and decorum one needs to follow. In our version, Baba says we can relate him to Kama and ears. To lead a full and complete life it is very essential that guidelines are followed, if that is not done it will be like that of a household without a routine, imagine such a place, how chaotic and disorganized it would be ! Our body also requires Dharma(law) , it follows a particular pattern in order for it to function normally.

Yudhishtra was tempted to play dice, it was his biggest weakness. This weakness caused the downfall of the Pandavas. Its not necessary for a King to gamble, but Yudhishtra put all his brothers and wife and also his entire kingdom at stake and lost them all. He was weak minded when accosted by this temptation to gamble, symbolically Baba says he was gambling with the self.

Gambling or any such habits like betting for a game, horse racing is not bad by itself, its only bad when this habit becomes an addiction.

Yudhishtra is said to be related to “kama” which means intense desire, lust, in his case it is his intense overpowering desire to gamble. All the Indriyas are interconnected.

One cannot have Moha (desire) without Krodha (anger). Or
Moha without Kama (intense desire, lust). Or even
Moha without Lobha (greed).

The desire arises due to some anger present to some circumstances or events. Similarly, This same desire could arise due to greed, when you see someone achieve something you experience the greedy feeling and wish to achieve it too.

When a puja is being performed, the Purohit blesses with the verse “ Ishta Kaamyaartha Sidhyartham” – which means may all what you desire be fulfilled.

If one experiences matsarya (competition) what could be cause – Moha (desire) , Lobha could be effect , and then the cause of Lobha would be Krodha.

Moha cannot remain without matsarya and matsarya is connected with Moha. If Moha is the effect it is Lobha which is the cause. All the Indriyas we experience are connected says Baba.

For example : when you love your child it is due to Moha (desire) which is attached with Matsarya (competition) as we generally compare our child with another child which is a common practice.

Another example : You wish to compete in a competition of some sort, enrolling yourself for it requires moha (desire) that desire to participate, at the same time when you attempt at a task do not be proud or add ego to it says Baba.

You become greedy when you are insecure, even when you achieve something you wish to acquire more of it

Krodha and Lobha you experience when for example you wish to score 100, you could not score 100, then you feel Krodha. Till that time someone scores you get Lobha , that greed to score higher than that person.

Arjuna – in our Mahabharata is associated to Lobha (greed). He has good vision (eyes) . To experience greed you have to first view it with your eyes. Archery has got to do with mind, he was a skilled archer. Arjuna represents our mind. At the Kurukshtetra war, Arjuna mentally became weak, though skilled outwardly, he required the Paramathma (Krishna) to instill the philosophy of life and detachment onto him.

Karna – in our version Karna can be depicted to that of the soul. His mind got drifted. Baba says in Mahabharata since the entire epic is related to mind, the characters within are the different aspects of the mind. Thus, from Arjuna, the strong mind, he became Karna, who was weak minded. All the characters in this epic are not separate, they are interlinked like our Indriyas, cause and effect is what is to be understood here.

Karna was self made, that is why Krishna did not accompany Karna at the battlefield. He did not judge whether it was good or bad, he was loyal to Kauravas, he had the characteristic of the soul, which is neutral and unbiased.

Kunti, his mother tries to persuade him not to wage the war and confront the Pandavas who are actually his own brothers. Krishna also advises Karna against taking part in the war. Even then Karna refuses to yield and his mind is set to follow and take the side of Kauravas. During “vastra haran” of Draupadi Karna was also witnessing but did not object to the Kauravas who were willfully taking part in it. Here too he is like the soul, an observer.

Other Characters In Mahabharata –

Dharmaputra is addicted to gambling, although gambling by itself is not bad, the result is the effect. He lost in gambling then he suffered in exile.

All the Panchapandavas learnt archery from Dronacharya, but Arjuna was more adept at it than the others.

Baba below compares the Pandavas to the 3 out of 4 divisions of society, namely ; Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra.

Yudhishtra –   possess knowledge                                                = Brahmin
Bhima –         had the physical strength                                         }
Arjuna –         was also physically strong and was a good archer     } Kshatriya
Nakula –        was a good horse trainer                                          }
Sahadeva –   had knowledge of astrology                                      } Vaishya

Karna is not taught archery by Drona as he knew him to be not a Kshatriya. Due to this drawback, Karna approaches Parasurama. Parasurama on the other hand, dislikes Kshatriyas and has taken a vow to vanquish all Kshatriyas from this earth. Karna lies to Parasurama that he is a Brahmin so that he could learn the art of archery from him. Parasurama discovers the lie, one day while taking rest in the lap of Karna, a stinging worm bites into Karna’s thighs, Karna bears the terrible pain, lest he should disturb the sleeping Parasurama. Blood oozes from his wound, and Parasurama is awakened and realized that if was a Brahmin he would not have borne such a pain, its only a Kshatriya who could bear such a pain.

Angered by his lie, Parasurama curses Karna that from henceforth he will be unable to recall the mantra to invoke the Brahmaastra taught by him at the fated hour.

Here, the point to ponder over is that who should be learning the art of archery, is it just the Kshatriyas or any other class of society. To this Baba teaches that whoever masters archery is a Kshatriya, be it a Brahmin by birth or other class, its irrelevant.

Ekalavya – He wished to learn archery from Dronacharya but is not accept as he is not a Kshatriya. Ekalavya still does not lose heart, he practices the skill of archery by keeping an idol of Dronacharya. He held on to the principles of Dronacharya, and considered him to be his guru, though his guru was not physically present. Even at his funeral, he was not given much importance and did not die a hero’s death. Baba says he is a classic example of guru bhakthi, who has totally surrendered without any questions. In the forest, when Dronacharya discovers the skill of Ekalavya in archery, he questions him about his Guru. Ekalavya reveals that he used his idol and learnt the skill. Dronacharya is enraged by this act, as he feels that without seeking his permission he learnt the art. He demands the thumb of Ekalavya as punishment. Even after giving the thumb, he does not swerve from his duty of guru bhakthi. He is unmoved by any circumstances, very focused.

Dronacharya – Relating to our mind, Dronacharya can be associated to the selfish aspect. He does selfish acts and justifies it. This justification is due to the intellect and ego which is present in him. For his own selfish motives he takes the side of Kauravas.

The story of Drona in brief

Drona was a son born to a Brahmin named Bharadwaja. Both Drona and Drupada were fellow students and grew up together in a hermitage. They both learnt the skill of archery from Drona’s father Bharadwaja. Drona became the master of archery. In their boyhood, since their friendship grew Drupada promised Drona half his kingdom once he was crowned King of Panchala.

Years passed by, Drona married the sister of Kripacharya and a son Ashwathama was born to them. He wished to acquire some wealth. For this purpose he approached his old friend King Drupada, who was by now crowned King after the demise of his old father. King Drupada refused to remember Drona and acknowledge their friendship or the promise of half the kingdom. Enraged by this act, Drona takes a vow to punish the King.

He becomes the Guru of Pandavas and Kauravas. From the time of taking the vow, Drona spends the rest of his life in trying to achieve his selfish motive of punishing King Drupad. It was his scheme to take revenge by training the Pandavas and Kauavas. In the Kurukshetra war, since King Drupada was on the side of Pandavas, Drona took the opposite side of Kauravas so that he could fight with Drupada.
That ends the brief story of Drona.
Bhishma supports the Kauravas, but was actually an observer. His mind was more for “Hastinapura” the city, to bring it together, as was his duty. Dronacharya was more for himself, he fought to get back his long duel with Drupada. At conscious level ego is present, even when we are sleeping ego is present.

Our task now is to find “selfless mind” before the war ends – as per Baba.

Swamywara & its significance

During Draupadi’s swayamwar, the eligible suitor was expected to shoot a steel arrow across the steel bow on top of a revolving disk which was huge and was placed in the centre of the marriage hall. The suitor had to aim at a target which was a fish also revolving above the bow. The winner who would successfully string the bow and hit the target was to be considered the eligible groom for the daughter of King Drapada, the King of Panchala.

The Panchapandavas who were disguised as Brahmins also were present at the Swayamwara. Arjuna took part and was successful in hitting the fish in the eye.

Here, hitting the eye of the fish can be related to the mind. As fish, is as restless like our mind, it’s the mind’s eye. On the same topic of Swayamwara, in the epic Ramayana Sita comes from earth. Body starts from earth. In our version she is the kundalini energy. Draupadi is from fire which can be related to mind. Thus, in Mahabharata fire is the kundalini of the mind, it’s the trigger.

Associated to the element of fire; our Visudhi chakra has fire as its element. Baba says what we utter is due to the fire. Its like a friction, the thought process and the tongue causes the friction and then we utter the words, similar to that of striking a matchstick.

Our mind functions also due to the presence of fire. Mind starts with fire. Arjuna was strong willed and focused which enabled him to hit the eye of the fish, by looking at the reflection in the water. Symbolically the mind is in water when you are relaxed, whenever for example you wish to unwind you cool yourself with water. Fish on the other hand is very restless in water, though the water is supposed to relax. Consider this point : the fish smells bad though it stays in water, which is used to wash all germs and other impurities, the smell is from within, the impurity within the fish. The fish cleans the water, whereas we pollute the water.

Sakuni – the Maternal Uncle

He was Gandharis’ brother and the uncle of Kauravas. He was always potrayed as being cunning and scheming, always teaching vicious tricks and plans to overpower the Pandavas and bring their ruin. The story behind his behaviour and character is that from the beginning when Gandhari was chosen as blind Dhridhrirashtra’s wife he was upset that his beautiful sister had to marry a blind man. To seek his vengeance, he wished to destroy everything in Hastinapur, including the Kauravas.

Baba says in our mind, Sakuni is like the Satan, the evil mind, whereas Krishna is the other extreme, he is divine thought, the Paramathma and can be related to senses. Sakuni is the negative phase of Paramathma and can be considered as the devil. Like for instance we have the Devis ; Durga and Kali, Durga is Paramathma and Kali is the negative aspect of the Devi.


He is the eldest son of Dhridhrishtra and Gandhari. His strength lies in Gada. At birth he was a mass of flesh, which was split into a 100 pieces who became the 100 sons known as Kauravas. What is the significance of numeric number 100. Baba says it is the boiling point of water. Duryodhana was against Bhima. Strong body is Bhima. Weak body is Duryodhana. His weak part in his body was believed to be the thigh, but according to Baba it’s the Mooladhara.

Arjuna & Karna

Arjuna had the full support of Krishna, the Paramathma himself, but Karna did not have any support. Though he was self made, he was following Duryodhana who was himself weak and wrong in his approach. In our version, since Karna is associated to that of the soul, we can say the soul got drifted away from the right path. To achieve something you need fire, the trigger.


The soul is an observer, it is a part of the Paramathma. Can the Paramathma be sad or happy ?! He does not have any such emotions, so does the soul, it does not undergo any emotion, pain or pleasure it feels neither of the two, it is only the mind and the body which endures and feels them.

Our soul is a miniature of all the parts of nature. When a soul does not “rest in peace” and it keeps roaming, the soul does not feel anything, its not affected by this action. Similarly, Baba gives an example when you exert yourself physically is the breath affected ? It’s the body which is affected, and not the breath.

The soul is placed by nature in the next birth according to previous karma. Karma is more attached to the mind. The mind taken an appropriate body in order to wash out the karma of the previous birth. Baba says the soul does not have the yearning to go back to the Paramathma as its part of the Paramathma, the universal energy, it has all the qualities of the Paramathma.

Baba gives an example as follows : its like driving, learning to drive a vehicle. You have to possess a vehicle to drive. Driving the vehicle is the soul, the engine or any part of the car is the mind, then the body as a whole of the vehicle can be considered as the body. So, here we have body, mind and soul.

Another example, mango pickle. When you make mango pickle, in its raw form the mango can be likened to that of the soul, the taste does not differ, then when you wash and cut it add masala for the pickle, the masala can be related to the mind, and then you bottle it, the bottle can be the body. Here, the mango does not care whether you pickle it, eat it raw, or make some sweet dish, or add it to rice dish, its neutral, its unaware of any emotions. Once made into pickle it cannot go back to its original raw form, but can only go back to nature and blend.

When the fruit is ripe and it falls on earth, its like the realized state, being with nature. The taste of mango does not change.

To realize we have to understand that we need to get of impurities in both body and mind and be one with nature. Then our approach to everything changes, then we become less agitated and disturbed and remain neutral. Only then one experiences that blissful state in the body and mind like that of the soul.

Baba says the soul drifts according to the mind. To this a devotee adds an example as follows : the soul is like that of a dog living on a dust bin, if picked up by a family to be brought up in a decent home, the dog does not care, it might still go back to the dust bin. Whether you take the dog to the garden or for a drive, it feels the same way, similarly the soul goes where the mind takes it.

The soul does not show itself, but through our mind we have to reach the level of the soul. It does not wish to get realized, realization is “I am one with nature.” It’s the duty of the body and mind to get realization and find the link to the soul and then to the Paramathma.

Both happiness and bliss is at body and mind level. When you experience bliss you are neutral you do not care about right or wrong, only then it means you have reached level to connect to the soul.

All actions that we perform since birth is through body and mind and not at the level of the soul. Baba says nature is ready to bless us but we are not ready to receive it.

Citing an example, Baba says when you enter a room, after a few moments you notice a photo, the photo is not looking at you, you are not looking at the photo, its just “happening”. Similarly, when you are driving, you are not driving, the car is not driving, the driving is “happening”. The photo was always there, why only that moment you chose to notice it. We have to let our mind go, and accept things as they are. Nature keeps changing, change is the way of life.

Accept and not to react to anything in life should be our motto in life. If you lost your job, say its alright mentally accept it and move on. Lamenting over it, is not going to help. See what steps can be taken. At the same time, we need not ponder why it happened and so on. Its happened, its over, it’s the past, move on, let go should be the attitude.

Do not confuse with what our mind says; the reaction to it and the slogan “its happening”. To understand this, perhaps we are going to the market place. The market is not happening, its already there. Going to the market, that is if you let go of your mind, then we can assume it to be “its happening”. Driving to the market, “its happening”. You do not plan the next future, you should not have control over any event or person, let go, nature will take care !

Divine channels are infinite, are everywhere and every place. Enlightened souls crave for silence as when we talk normally we use unnecessary words or terms and repetition is present in our conversations. Thus, such enlightened souls prefer the talk on spirituality and its related topics rather than on mundane materialistic things.

The advice of Baba is to carry these talks (discourse) home not other unnecessary topics.

Karma & its effects

Baba says to wipe out your karmas, you need to keep both your body and mind clean. All scriptures harp on that. As the cause and effects constantly happens and you add on more karmas.No one is to be blamed except yourself for the karma you endure. Analyse the cause and effect and accept it.Ever y 7 years, our entire body is replaced by new cells. Thus, Upanayanam is ideally performed at the tender age of 7 as after taking birth the next new body has formed. When one has cancer, its multiplication of cells in one region of the body and it does not die out as it should for new cells to grow.

At the time of death, whatever positive or negative actions you have performed in your lifetime, chant some nama japam. With this act, one gets moksha, mukthi from that body. Moksha does not mean there is no rebirth, but means that in your next birth you have the opportunity and realize the need to walk in the spiritual path.

When the name japam is chanted with a pure heart and is from within, your body and mind is cleansed and is positive. Similarly, when one consumes the right kind of healthy positive food and then when you sleep its total bliss, its similar to coma state.


That is the end of Baba’s lecture. I thoroughly enjoyed compiling the notes, I hope all you devotees also experience a similar joy while reading this discourse of Baba.

Sai Ram to all


SaiSandesh on 8th March

:: 8th March 2007 ::

Baba commenced this week on general topics before proceeding on to Mahabharata. Animals are realized, if we study their behaviour we can understand this aspect, but sadly they are not aware of this fact, as their limited intelligence does not make them comprehend that they are realized. Whereas we humans are not realized, but assume we are, as we have been bestowed more intelligence by nature !

Baba says intuition, this feeling is actually a feeling. Anyone can achieve this feeling by merely tuning the mind. Like for example, what do we mean, when we say Baba has got a message, that message is his feeling, is what he strongly feels like doing.

We can evaluate our performance by ourselves, like the third grade marksheet. We can evaluate in the spiritual level too. How many of us remember what we studied in Physics, Chemistry or Maths in Grade 7, hardly any. Its immaterial.

Baba says certificates are like rituals. People gauge you through our certificates, bank balance and so on, and not at the actual person per se. Whereas in the spiritual path, there is only the SELF ! Baba has taught us all these exercises in order to know and understand the Self. Society teaches you to be artificial, to be serious.

The enlightened stage is when one does not have a mind says Baba. Budha, the enlightened one lived more years after enlightenment.

What does the term “being creative” actually mean. It means utilizing something which you observed earlier or grasping and utilizing it appropriately. Thus, for a creative person the ideas does not take place within him, its an offshoot of something he or she witnessed earlier, this image or event was already existent, which was absorbed by the person, and creatively depicted perhaps in a picture or in book writing.

A Guru is a teacher he imparts knowledge which he has learnt from someone or something, its not his own. The journey is from a teacher to Guru to Master. When one learns, you can have the ability to teach that makes one a teacher. A teacher cannot be a master, as the ideas are not original and are not his own, whereas a master can be a teacher. The difference is that a master is someone who experiments and explores and then imparts his own knowledge, apart from what he learnt being a teacher.

Baba says a person reads out a story book, or even Satcharita but with expression then that person is a teacher, since he or she is teaching us about the contents of the book. Whereas in the case of Baba, when he explains the Satcharita, the points and views are his own entirely, its his interpretation, that shows his mastery over the topic. That makes him the master !

When a master goes through the learning process it is to share the knowledge with others not for himself.

Expectations or No Expectations

In Christianity, there exists a sect of people who do not believe in getting treatment for illnesses. As they believe that is what their religion teaches. Baba says this mind frame is entirely wrong as no scripture will advise not to get treated. The correct attitude should be to get treated by a doctor but without any expectations. One should not have the feeling that the ailment should be cured within such and such time span.

When one gets admitted into a hospital and is treated, even the expectation that you will get cured is incorrect. Even if the hospital you are admitted into is a lower end third grade hospital, be without any expectations.

Being without expectations in many aspects of our life, is quite difficult but not entirely impossible if we consider it. Its just that we have conditioned our minds to have expectations in whatever it is that we do from childhood in most cases.

Building an Ashram in our case for example, is not an expectation, whether the Ashram is completed or not is irrelevant, all efforts to the maximum is being put in, all actions are leading to it, winning or losing is the result of the action. On the other hand, if we have the attitude “I must set up an Ashram” that statement makes it an expectation !

In Company Sales, the sales teams are made to set up targets and goals, but here too Baba says one can still proceed with all the necessary action for the sales to pick up but without any expectations. In whatever task we wish to accomplish there should be devotion, not only discipline. One need not be ritualistic.

Arjuna in the great Kurukshetra war of Mahabharata did not wish to attack Dronacharya, as he felt he was his Guru who taught him how to use the astras and fighting skills. Krishna adviced Arjuna not to get entangled with his mind and about his past relations with Drona, but just to proceed and do the action of attacking Drona.

One cannot hold Karma – “its happening” says Baba.

The term “Prathi Prasav” literally means daily birth, or in another way rebirth. “Dweejanma Visesham” – means twice born, here again its rebirth. This birth is to wash out the karmas to get enlightened.

Life is a bundle of thoughts and dream is a bundle of past action. All actions are referred to our navarasas.

MAHABHARATA – (continued )


She is the adopted daughter of Kuntibhoja, she inherits the name “Kunti” due to her adoptive father. Sage Durvasa visits their palace when Kunti is a young girl. She serves the Rishi with all due respect and care. Pleased with her dedication and service, he teaches her a mantra wherein the Gods can be invoked by this mantra and Kunti can become the mother of a son born equivalent to the God’s supreme power and glory.

Due to immaturity of age, Kunti wished to test the mantra; she invoked the Sun God. Surya, the Sun God appeared before her, and she was overwhelmed by the power of mantra which she never believed would work. She pleaded with the Surya bhagavan that she was a virgin and thus could not become a mother, the Sun God assures her that no blame will come onto her, she will be a virgin again.

Since this was a divine birth, the events took place instantly, Kuntidevi became pregnant and gave birth to a radiant looking baby boy with all the qualities of the Sun God with divine armour and earrings, he was as bright as the Sun God himself.

Before anyone discovers the baby, she decides to get rid of the child as soon as possible. She places the new born baby in a basket and sets it off in a river. The baby is found by a childless charioteer who happens to pass by and takes him home. Henceforth, Karna the baby boy is known as the charioteer’s son, not as the first born son of Kunti of royal blood. All this is due to the impulsive and immature act of Kunti without thinking on the consequences.

When Kunti comes of age, she chooses King Pandu as her husband in the Swayamwara. As per the customs and traditions of yore, Pandu marries Madri, the sister of King Madra as his second wife to ensure progeny and the continuity of the race.

It is believed that one day when King Pandu went hunting in the forest alongwith his wives, a sage and his wife disguised as a deer falls prey to the arrows of King Pandu. The rishi curses him that he will die the moment he enjoys pleasures in the senses.

Pandu is devastated. He entrusts the kingdom to Vidura and Bhishma and returns to the forest alongwith his wives. Kunti relates to him the divine mantra whereby she can beget children. Thus, both Kunti and Madri invoke the Gods and between them 5 sons are born.
Yudhishtra is born after invoking Yama, the god of death.
Bhima is the son of Vayu.
Arjuna is the son of Indra.
Nakula and Sahadeva are the Ashwini twins.

Baba explains the above story and the role played by Kuntidevi in the epic. Kunti invokes the Sun God without expecting the result. It was her karma to get the blessings of Sage Durvasa. Kunti’s act of invoking the Sun God was a blunder on her part. Karna was born out of her, but he endured a lot of hardships due to her action, but she did not suffer as much as he did.

Karna born with earrings depicts the sound that travels faster than light. Sound is given more importance. The order of things are that first we hear then we listen. Surya is energy, it is the source of light, the Jivathma. The universe has got energy. That energy consists of senses vatha, pitha, kapha.

Kunti places the new born baby Karna in a basket and lets it float in a flowing river. Here, the journey of pure mind begins, pure mind is the new born baby, as Baba says when a baby is born it has a pure mind. Symbolically, you are throwing your mind to get polluted. Kunti did not wish to bear the consequences of her own negative act. It was the result of the moving and dormant energy. Baba says Kunti is like us, we do some negative actions, but as we are unable to bear the result we add on by doing more acts which we assume will clear out our earlier negative acts, but in reality we are adding further to our karma. If you leave the course of things, the events to nature, you will not accumulate karma says Baba. This is similar to the phrase which we say “leave it to nature” to take its own course.

Kunti devi is like us, the consciousness. Consciously we do certain actions. Karna was brought up by a charioteer, Krishna was a charioteer. When you react to any situation, you become a slave of your senses. Although Karna was of royal blood, due to his Karma he was looked down upon as the charioteer’s son !

1. YUDHISHTRA – Kunti gave birth to Yudhishtra, son of Yama (God of death). He is also known as Dharmaputra. The sun is for giving energy and Yama is for absorbing the energy. Yama’s sworn enemy is Shankara. Yama destroys the body, after one passes the mortal coil and is declared dead, it is Yama (the God of Death) who takes away the body. When something gets killed it is known as “Dweejanma Visesha”.

What is the difference between Shankara and Yama. Shankara’s role is to destroy the ego, when you are in bliss that ecstatic state you dance like Nataraja. Nataraja is depicted stamping on an asura. That asura is the ego, this symbolizes the Dweejanma, the born again state after the ego is annihilated.

Yama appears only to those who are not realized souls; therefore it is for a normal death of a being to carry the body away. Yama teaches us by taking away the physical body that one can also acquire knowledge in the cemeteries, by first getting the energy, the soul, then we need to realize. By understanding about energy within us, we can understand the soul within and then we realize that we have to go back to the source by realizing the self.

2. BHIMA – The second son after Kunti gets married is Bhima. He is the son of Vayu (air). This is when we are practical in many aspects and the route is vayu (air). Our approach to life is very practical.
3. ARJUNA – He is the third son and was a born hero. He was skilled in archery. He was the son of Indra, the Lord of the heavens. A question we need to ponder as to why only Arjuna gets married to Draupadi first. Its due to the fact that Arjuna is related to our “Karmendriyas” & “Gnyanendriyas”.
4. NAKULA & SAHADEVA – are the two sons born to Pandu’s second wife Madri. Nakula was skillful in handling horses. Sahadeva was skilled with weapons, but they played very small roles almost insignificant.

Below is a chart compiled by Baba relating the “Panchapandavas” to Indiryas.




That ends the topic of Mahabharata for now. The rest of the “nava rasas’ discussed last week is continued and concluded this week as under :

4) Karuna Rasa – is the emotions which shows compassion.
5)Veera Rasa – is when one is confident. That inner mental strength.
6) Bhayanaka Rasa – is when is confronted with fear, when we are fearful.
7)Bibatsa Rasa – when we are disgusted at something.
8)Roudra Rasa – as the name suggests it depicts anger.
9)Shaantha Rasa – is that feeling of calmness. This is the last of the nava rasas.

Baba says whether its Kundalini energy or our emotions it moves through our spine. All the above rasas are present throughout our daily life, we have been asked to observe them constantly.


Homework :

1. What is the relationship of Kama with ear.
2. Relationship of Matsarya with touch.
3. Recollect our daily routine in reverse order mentally without passing any judgements. This act is to be performed before one retires to bed. Gradually move on to an earlier day. If this practice is done regularly, one can even feel the pain of coming out of the mother’s womb, this action helps in washing out our past karmas instead of accumulating further karmas.
4. Relate the role of Vidura to ourself, since Baba has related him to our mind. During the course of the day observe if we do some action independently and unique.
That concludes this week’s Baba’s lecture.

Sai Ram to all.

SaiSandesh on 1st March

:: 1st March 2007 :: 

Baba has resumed the lecture after a gap of four months, this is his first lecture for the year 2007. There were many devotees who had different ways of expressing their love and affection, and how much they missed his physical presence in the UAE. Some whom I knew wished to hug him, some to shake hands, personally I too wished to give him a “bear hug.” It was a visual, mental and listening treat to listen to his discourse, everything about him makes us all leap with joy that at last he is back with us. Its truly amazing that he takes such personal care of each one of us and always willing to shower his love and guidance to us whenever necessary, and he does not forget our names or our backgrounds, like how we all tend to do. I guess that’s the reason why he is the enlightened one. We danced to our hearts’ content with Baba the next morning in our Yoga session, it makes a definite difference when we dance with him and without him.

Now we shall move on to the actual lecture, without further adieu !


Bhishma Pitamaha

The story of Bhishma’s birth has already been briefly discussed in the previous discourse. Baba says the significance of Bhishma being the 8th born child is similar to that of Lord Krishna being the 8th born. This aspect we can relate to the state beyond realization, above the 7 chakras. As Baba relates the epic Mahabharata to our mind, thus the 8th born child has also a link to our mind.

Out of the 8 Vasus who were born to Ganga and Shantanu, it was only Bhishma the 8th born who survived and lived on this earth for a long time. He leads a peaceful life in his youth, but by and by his life turns very troubled and disturbed. All this is related to our mind. Our mind exists everywhere, it does not exist in one particular spot.

The different aspects of Mind

Baba discusses about the 4 main characters in relation to our mind. Our body is made up of Panchakoshas which are as under :-

(i) Annamaya Kosha – This kosha is related to food, our digestion. When a person is at Mooladhara, Baba says it will be the tendency to be constantly thinking of food. This Kosha is the extract of food.
(ii) Praanamaya Kosha – is related to breath.
(iii) Manonmaye Kosha – This is mind related which can occupy much more space than Prana.
(iv) Vigyana Maya Kosha – this is to gain knowledge.
(v) Aanandamaye Kosha – this kosha helps us to experience that blissful state.

Baba says the our mind can be divided into 4 as under :-

(i) Manas – which means mind.
(ii) Intellect
(iii) Ego
(iv) Chittha – consciousness.

Now, Baba links the mind with these 4 characters of Mahabharata.

1) Vidura, the Daasi’s son – He was responsible for protecting the Kingdom. His background was impure since he was the Daasi’s son, but he was very mature and knowledgeable. Since he was the Daasi’s son, he did not have royal blood. Baba says the database collected which is formed in the mind is like the Daasi’s son. The mind is a bundle of thoughts. It is impure, its not filtered, similar to that of the Daasi’s son. Our likes and dislikes are based on other’s opinion, its not pure.

In Mahabharata, Vidura was given importance by Krishna out of all the other characters. Vidura had so much of wisdom, although he was not royal blooded, he had cleansed his mind and was pure, this is the difference between us and Vidura. The character of Vidura teaches us that even if you belong or stay in some impure surroundings your mind can still be controlled and purified of negativities and thus attain the Paramathma. Vidura can thus be related to Manas, the mind. The thoughts occurring in our mind is full of impurities, but we have to learn to filter them.

2) Pandu – He was born unhealthy and weak. He had a very short span of life. But his sons were heroes. Baba says if one possesses only intellect instead of other faculties, you will have the tendency to only ask questions, without actually wanting to utilize the answer. That is why intellect is very weak right from birth. You need to have more mental strength and less intellect or no intellect, and not be logical. In the spiritual path, or even in other paths, there is a limit for intellect, what you require is strong will power and to be strong minded.

Baba says intelligence comes first. At some point, intellect has to taper down, it had to die and the five senses are meant to take over intellect. That explains why Pandu who is personified as “intellect” had to die young and was born weak, as just with intellect you cannot tread the path, be it any path for a long duration. Pandu died early and his sons became heroes. Since his sons are personified as the “five senses” and they are known as Pandavas, though he is not their real father !

3) Dhritharashtra – This character in the epic is shown being blind. He is also blind to the entire world. Baba says ego is blind, it does not follow any rules or morals. Gandhari, his wife ties a piece a cloth around her eyes so that she could be blind throughout her married life, she is the one who fuels the ego in Dhritharashtra. The term “self respect” is respect for one self, the self within. Its internal.

Realised persons also have ego and other emotions, so too will thoughts come and go. But the difference between us and a realized person is that a realized person is aware of those thoughts and is ever observant of them, they do not react to these emotions or thoughts neither do they ponder over them in future. Kama, Krodha, Lobha and matsarya are given for a purpose in every one of us. A Realised person knows the cause of a particular emotion. For example, when a realized person experience anger, they know the root cause of the anger, whereas an ordinary person is not aware of the cause of the anger that he or she is experiencing. One needs to channelise your emotions and be aware and conscious of your emotions and moods.

According to Yoga, there are 72,000 nerves (naadis) within our body, Baba says there are more than this amount of nerves in us. These nerves helps us in feeling all the different emotions and so on, even hunger and feelings within our body is felt through these nerves. There is a nerve which extends from the left eye to the left toe and is called “Gandhari”. The lower head region on the scalp is a weak region wherein if one is hit strongly it could prove fatal. It is advised to grow a “Shikha” to protect this region. This area is called “Hastina.”

4) Bhishma – He was a Brahmacharya, he was well aware of what was correct and incorrect, but still he followed Kauravas. He was neutral, without any attachment, and very mature in his conduct. Unlike Dhritharashtra who was full of ego and with attachment. He wanted his sons to succeed, for him everything was “I” and “my.” Bhishma was detached to all things worldly.
Bhishma can be personified as the conscious level the chittha, the subtle part of your mind.

That ends the topic of Mahabharata for now.

Baba says if one has body ache and the other has headache, the suffering endured by the two people may be felt in the mind. So, even the person having the headache might conclude that the headache is equal to or greater than the body ache, although the headache is only restricted to the head ! We have to overcome the mind, the feeling of pain, and perhaps even that mental pain is something you enjoy. Similarly, happiness, some incident or object which gives you joy may not always emit the same emotion from the other, not everyone can feel the same happiness and share your joy !

The Gods in our Hindu mythology are depicted as family persons, like Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. Baba says at Mooladhara chakra the male and female energy are triggered and when it moves up at Visudhi chakra (throat) the two energies come closer and at Sahasrara they merge together. This is when the moving energy is making the dormant energy active . When we see the image of Nataraja he seems alone, but in reality both the male and female energy are merged within the form of Nataraja , that is why there is no female shown in the cosmic dance of Nataraja. When one realizes the self and goes above the Sahasrara the moving and dormant energies merge together and you experience the bliss, which is the cosmic dance of Nataraja. The data received externally makes the mind move. In brahmacharya the kundalini is the moving energy(female). In relation to this topic, if we ponder on the sperm, moving sperm which is alive is moving energy (female) and the dead sperm is dormant energy.

Baba was explaining a part of the story of Vishwamitra and his character to a devotee.

Vishwamitra – He was known as Kaushika and was a noble and just King ruling his subjects wisely. It is said that one day he was in the forest with his men and espied an ashram, it was the ashram of Sage Vasishta. Sage Vasishta entertains the King grandly by offering a feast fit for the king, he accomplishes this grand task due to the divine cow who is known as “Shabala” who is actually Kamadhenu. While taking his leave from the ashram Kaushika requests Sage Vasishta for the cow and in return he offers a thousand cows and other more costly treasures. Sage Vasishta refuses outright. This enrages Kaushika. He forcibly tries to capture the divine cow, but the cow produces a vast army which destroys all of Kaushika’s men. Disgusted and heartbroken, he returns to his kingdom; he entrusts the charge of the kingdom to his son and returns to the forest and performs tapas.

Lord Maheswara pleased with his penance, blesses him. Kaushika becomes the master of all the divine astras. He goes back to the ashrama of Vasishta. All the other disciples and rishis ran helter skelter seeing Kaushika. Sage Vasishta is infuriated that the peace and quiet of the ashram is destroyed by Kaushika. He lifts up his staff. Kaushika sends all his divine astras one by one but none are able to match the power of Brahmadanda, they get destroyed once they come in contact with the danda. All the devas come to witness the scene, and they proclaim that Sage Vasishta has the greates power, being a Brahmin, and Kaushika being a Kshatriya. The king has been vanquished by the Sage. They request him to calm down.

Sage Vasishta calms down. The king is disgusted at himself that he is not able to defeat the sage being a Kshatriya. He performs further penance, and is conferred the title of “Rajarishi Kaushika” by Brahma the creator. Still Kaushika was not pleased, he performed further penance.There was a King in the sun dynasty who was known as Trishanku. He had a strange desire to reach the heavens in the human form. He went to his Guru Vasishta and requested him to grant him his wish. Vasishta refuses to grant his wishes, as its highly impossible. He goes to the sons of Vasishta and requests for the same. They too refuse to grant his desire. He tells them that he will approach some other Gurus in order to achieve his goal, they put a curse on him that from henceforth he will turn into a “chandala” since he did not listen to his Guru Vasishta.

Trishanku approaches Kaushika. Kaushika performs a Yagnya alongwith other rishis, all the other rishis were afraid of Kaushika thus they agreed to perform this impossible task. Trishanku raises above the ground and vanishes in the heavens, but Indra intervenes and commands Trishanku to go back to earth, Trishanku pleads with Kaushika that he is falling down and to save him. Kaushika feels disheartened, but he creates another heaven for Trishanku just like Brahma with his powers. The descent of Trishanku was stopped halfway in the sky, he created another Indra, the 7 rishis and other stars. There was great commotion in the heavens, they pleaded with him that a person cursed by the Guru cannot reach the heavens. Kaushika replies that he was a righteous man and he did nothing wrong to deserve such a treatment. Thus, it is agreed that only Trishanku will remain in his new heaven, he will be famed forever, like another Indra. All the stars will move around him.

It is said Kaushika performed more penance to become a Brahmarishi, Menaka an apsara, a beautiful damsel from the court of Indra had been sent in order to disturb his penance. As Indra was afraid of his position, if Kaushika becomes a Brahmarishi. Menaka was apprehensive and afraid to go and face Kaushika as she was well aware of terrible temper and power. She tried pleading with Indra that due to the powers of his tapas he has become a Brahmin from a Kshatriya, he had created a new heaven for Trishanku, how can such a being get swayed by a mere apsara as herself.

But Indra would not take no for an answer, it was agreed that Manmatha and Vasanta should accompany Maneka to help her achieve her task of disturbing Kaushika. The weather and the surroundings were made very congenial by the presence of Vasanta and Manmatha, as they acted as cupid. One day Kaushika was moving about after his meditation, Maneka took this opportune moment and Kaushika falls for her bewitching form and succumbs to her feminine charms. After about 10 years, he came out of his stupor. Maneka appeared to him with a child in her arms. She was afraid of him, but Kaushika was not angry with her. He decided to continue his tapas where he left off.

After all his efforts, Brahma appears and confers on him the title of “Maharishi.”

Baba says why only Vishwamitra was disturbed during his tapas and we do not hear of other rishis in such conditions. It does not mean that the other rishis were not disturbed by apsaras and damsels, they were, but because their penance and will power was strong they did not succumb to the charms. It is due to the fact, that Vishwamitra was already disturbed before the arrival of Maneka. He had the knowledge, just the theory not practical knowledge and just with that knowledge he received the title of Maharishi.Even the episode of Trishanku where he creates another heaven, shows that Kaushika only is aware of the theory of realization, but has not tread the path of realization himself practically. Baba says one can conduct a discourse on realization just by reading books on the topic, you can be known as a Guru but when a realized soul gives a discourse there is a difference.

Baba has coined the phrase “this is happening”. Whatever happens is beyond our control, the inevitable has to happen, its unavoidable. Just accept it. Like he gave an example of when the sun rises in the morning, there is nothing that we need to do for the sun to rise, “its happening”, but when we dream and then we wake up, we know that it was a dream it was not real and what is real is where we are now. Similarly, we can think on the same concept when we think of the path of spirituality that spiritualism is the reality, realization is “what is happening” and where we should all be heading for and aiming towards and living how we are living now presently in the material world is not the reality, its like the dream, the maya !

Do not force events, let it go. Like when we are driving, sometimes we notice that we are driving without being conscious, the steering “happens” on its own automatically.

Baba says eastern regions, countries of the east are more spiritually inclined, whereas west is more for logical and scientific approach to life. Today, we need to bridge the gap between the two cultures and mind frame, we need the link.

Ramana Maharishi got realization through emptiness, he viewed the world as being empty.

Jesus Christ viewed the world as being a blissful place to being merry, he followed the “eat, drink and merry and experience bliss through this. Baba says in Christian weddings drinks are served, which is actually to drain out the negative energy and bless the newly weds. But today this point is not understood, drinks are poured in abundance and the whole purpose is lost. Only a small amount of wine will suffice to experience that bliss. Jesus teaches us to be merry and achieve the blissful state.

Budha says observe your breath. His followers advocate different breathing techniques, and here again the whole purpose of Budha’s teaching is lost today. Baba says one’s mind has to travel the distance alongwith the breath to experience the blissful state what Budha experienced.

Lord Krishna, the name Krishna means black. Blue means infinity, like the sky is infinite. His teaching were to come out of ignorance, the dark stage. You consider life as being dark, when you take life as infinite.

Baba says realized persons will possess innocence, but are not childish in their behaviour.

Next, Baba discusses the Nava Rasas (9 rasas), out of which only 3 have been discussed this week as under :

1.Haasya Rasya – (laughter).

2.Adbutha Rasa – is when your wonder struck at something, you forget yourself and you hold your breath. Like for example when you enter a beautiful home and you admire the beauty since you are wonderstruck, you are not conscious of your reaction, you just utter whatever you feel from within. With this Rasa, one could also lead oneself to jealousy, like in the case of visiting a home, which you might not possess.

3. Sriragara Rasa – beautification. They are like the senses. They can be used or misused. Some people may just laugh for no rhyme or reason, and perhaps not actually enjoying the laughter but are artificial. One should admire and adore the beauty from the heart with good intention.

All these rasas are for meditation purposes. When you stop breathing that is the real you says Baba

Baba says be materialistic outwardly but be realized within. In temples like in Kajuraho, love scenes are depicted, when realized person view them they will not feel disturbed by these scenes like Vishwamitra, since there senses are under control.

Home work

Dhritharashtra and Gandhari had 100 sons and 1 daughter. The sons names starts with “Du” like Duryodhana, Dushasana etc. Find out the reason and relate.

From tomorrow keep observing in a day when you consider “what is happening” and what is beyond our control. Not to use logic, but let go.

That concludes this week’s lecture. I shall be back again with more on Baba’s wonderful discourse next week.

Sai Ram to all !

17th December


Sai Ram

It’s been quite a few years that I have known Baba (Shirdi) now. That’s what I and all of us (devotees) call him. Yes, He is our Baba(Shirdi).

We have learnt a lot from Him – not just about spirituality, but also about living – humility, simplicity and learning to ”accept” things. My family and I had the opportunity of religiously attending the Thursday Satsangs, when Shirdi Baba came into Satguru Sri Satya Amrita Jyoti and taught us the “way of living”, encompassing all religions. They were all friendly interactive sessions.

On other days He taught the devotees how to improve their way of life, by techniques of yoga, meditation, breathing, Naturopathy, which has all done immense good towards our well- being.

Baba was our true GUIDE, who through His divine messages, showed us the direction (when we were perplexed)

* In my look-out for a job, I had attended a few interviews after which Baba sent me a message saying that a specific one from these would materialize and indeed, all fell in place for that particular job.
* Baba gave messages in respect of the courses (education) that my children should take, and we have done just that – both my children are faring well.
* Baba’s message to my wife, of applying UDHI (given by Baba) on her knee joints have had miraculous effect in that she has recovered from the excruciating pain she had for quite some time.
* For a possible uterus problem of my wife, we had arranged for a scan – Baba had sent a message assuring us that there was no problem – the scan showed so.

We have followed his messages with the “you said it” attitude – for He is our Guru, our Guru Sri Satya Amrita Jyoti, who has truly been the Truth, the Nectar and the Light in our lives.

Sai Ram

Ratnakar Shenoy

16th December



In the early 90″s, I used to consult astrologers at times of difficulties, but they used to say “After the age of 40 you will have a very good time.” They were not able to give a clear picture about this forecast. The
difficulties surmounted and it was in its peak n 1997, when I was about to turn 40, I felt helpless, the next day in my life wore a blank when I felt a pat on my shoulder “your difficulties have ended, I have come for you ”
It was a divine voice and by a chance meeting I saw Sadguru Satyamritajyoti. Is this a chance meeting? No!!! It is divinely ordained. In fact, I felt I had attained rebirth. And then on, how can I leave GOD, who came into my life himself, and how can I narrate briefly the experiences I had each moment last 9 years. It was blissful all through. Though there was ups and downs in my life, I never felt the same and I was always cheerful and happy in the presence of Guruji. Materially, I never worried after that, because it was Baba”s promise that once he takes upon a devotee, his pot is always full and overflowing, which he is proving day by day in my life. I am very fortunate that Guruji blessed me one day some time in 2004 that I would be at his services throughout my life. What one needs more than this?

Each and every critical issues, I used to ask Guruji and through the divine message he gets from Shirdi Sai Baba, all the issues used to get solved. Of course, Shradha and Saburi was required throughout. He proved many number of times that to have Guruji as guide, all the problems in this visible samsara, seemed easy to cross. I was always feeling like in heaven, attending Guruji”s lectures, weekly, and through those lectures how he answered our questions lingering in our minds.

One day in 2002, at about 4 pm, I had a divine message from Guruji through a devotee that, I have to drive carefully, the same time around 4 10 pm an accident involving my car and another got averted and I escaped unhurt. This wonder can only be experienced by me and how can I repay the debt to Guruji for this. After asking guruji and getting his nod through divine message wherever I had gone I have been successful, in all aspects, personal and official.

The last 8 years slowly and steadily, guruji cleansed my body first then mind and now has made me communicate through soul. It is with admiration, I am recalling from 1998, how, step by step, we have climbed the spiritual ladder, which is very difficult and yet seamed very easy in the presence of Sadguru Satyamritajyoti. This was possible through his teachings and lectures in ENERGY concept. We are energy!! Controlling the mind and getting detached, which are the most difficult things for any human on earth, was possible through the grace of Sadguru Satyamritajyoti. The journey to the soul was possible, through the selfless free classes conducted by guruji for fitness like Yoga, Kriya Yoga, other physical exercises , diet therapies, naturopathy therapies, shankhaprakshala, jal neti, sutra neti, vastra neti, jal dhouti, stomach breathing throug soham etc etc……

By doing shankhaprakshala, 6 days diet therapy, and fasting for 13 days continously, I was down by 16 kg and now weighing 78 kg, which is recommended for my height by naturopathy doctors. All these happened within 3 months. All through this Guruji was near me, otherwise do you think it is possible to do this impossible thing? I felt like having super human qualities in the presence of Guruji. After doing jal neti, sutra neti, I have never had a cold till now. How to thank him and show gratitude, I fail to express.
How can I describe this avatar!! who has taken over me. I am spell bound and speechless that these are happening to me and experiencing heaven on earth. As a soul one can only observe but won”t be able to explain, and this, Guruji says, will continue for janmas. Can’t you see the selfless love overflowing?

The paramatma has made me aware of the divine presence in my life throughout but when I was helpless in the midst of very bad mean selfish people in this visible samsara, he sent guruji to me and guruji knowing that I was starving to mingle with good selfless broadminded people, he has given me friends, whose company I am enjoying day after day. We are a close knit family, enjoying this life together.

The below mentioned sloka explains Gurujis entry into my life

Paritranaya sadhoonam
Vinashaya ca dushkritaam
Sambhavami yuge yuge.

Sadguru Sri Satyamrithajyoti ki jai


Sai Ram everyone, this is just an attempt on our part to share our experience we have with our Sadguru Shri Satya Amruta Jyothiji.OUR FIRST MEETING

Our first experience and meeting with Baba dates back to around Nov’2000, at that time, My mother-in-law was with us, my father in law had passed away only about a month and a half back, due to which my mother in law was very depressed. My husband Sanjay and myself were trying our level best to console her, but to no avail. One day, a relative told us that someone comes in a trance form as “Shirdi Sai Baba” whether we would be interested to come and meet him. All of my husband’s family were already Baba’s devotees, but to me it was a different story sometime back call it coincidence, my mother in law had presented me with a small Baba statue which I have to this day, and I pray and do arati and also have conversations with. But at that time, he was just another idol, where I hadn’t attached any emotions neither did I pray to him.

When we went to meet Baba for the first time, there was a huge crowd gathered around Baba, getting blessed by him, when it was our turn, I just hugged him, cried to my hearts’ content, and held onto his knees (I remember this even now quite clearly!) and asked him “why Baba” that’s all, I didn’t specify what I was meaning and so on, it was a like a immediate connection, I felt as if I saw my long gone grandfather in him. That was a surprising change that had occurred to me as I don’t consider myself to be easily pulled in and get emotional, that too in front of so many other devotees, as previously we had met in Dxb. And even in India some so called divine healers, astrologers, saints, but none gave us any solace or that peace of mind that we finally felt the very instant we were in the proximity of this divine soul !

Baba consoled my mother in law also, and on one such visits, we could see tears in his eyes too, he used soothing words to my mother in law and assured her that “don’t worry, he (my father-in-law) is safe with me” At that time, we had financial problems, and we were childless too.


When Baba saw me the next darshan, he promised me that he would give me “a bonus” I was almost jumping with joy, although I didn’t clarify with him what exactly he meant, whether he meant he would bless us with twins.

Another evening, when we were quietly sitting in a corner while the other devotees were taking turns to seek his blessings, Baba called me and offered a mango and advised me to consume it. It was just like in the “Sai Satcharita” where a childless couple is given a mango.

He made us shift our house too, though we still live in the same street, my mother in law and myself were vigorously trying to search for a new apartment, finally we found one at the end of the same street! We checked with Baba, he advised us to move on Dec 22nd, my mother in law suggested that there might be an oversight on his part, as the period after Dec 15th is considered inauspicious, when we again consulted him, he assured us to go ahead with the shifting. By this act, we can now understand, as he always says in his discourses we have to overcome our superstitious beliefs and not stick to it, view everyday as a “an auspicious day”. After moving to the new house, our materialistic pleasures have been fulfilled, we have a lovely home, and a bonny baby girl. What more do we need !

Now, after these 6 years, I understand now what our Sadguruji meant, he has not only blessed us with a wonderful baby girl, he has also removed us from whatever financial, mental, physical afflictions we had.

During my pregnancy too, I had some problems, Baba took care of it all, and made everything smooth sailing. The day our “bundle of joy” was supposed to be born 6 years back, the doctors had decided to perform a C-section and the time to be admitted in the hospital was 7.30a.m., wonder of wonders that very time, Baba who was at that time not in town, was landing in Dxb. With absolutely no problems our little cute baby girl was born, she was named “Sukruti,” Baba chose that name for her, he visited us at the hospital too, our joy knew no bounds to have such a great soul come to bless us!

About two years ago, I had appendicitis, though the appendix was quite big, it would have led to something very serious, all this I was unaware of till I got admitted into the hospital, it was due to Baba’s grace, that nothing happened and I am alive and well and cheerfully sending out this experience to you all ! Again, he took the trouble and came and visited me at the hospital.

Due to all the wonderful changes that have taken place in our lives, my mother and my sister’s family too are drawn to Shirdi Sai Baba, and consult him on many issues. Even for my mother, to this day, he helps her, he helped her to shift to a new apartment where she is much more cheerful and feels secure.


Baba to us, has been our anchor, we were like the inmates of a sinking ship, when we met Baba we were so depressed and lost hope in life, it was through his divine grace that we can see this day and appreciate all that he has given us and look onto the path of spiritualism. To us, he is our relative, he is a part of us, we are part of him, he is our everything, he is all Gods put together, words fail us to describe how thankful and grateful we are to him.

Beginning of this year, when we were conversing with my sister-in-law who lives in U.S. we were sharing some points of Baba’s discourses, she showed interest and was of the idea that we should send a mail about whatever is discussed in the lecture by Baba. I took it up, (that was also a divine blessing, as personally I am very shy and not confident of myself!), thus from January of 2006, I take down the notes of Baba’s weekly discourses and mail it out to whoever is interested. Initially, I did not consider it to be serious at all, I began to send and stopped sending but again due to Baba’s grace, I now understand why he chose me and sincerely make an effort to get the best out of his lectures to convey it to other devotees. Through this, I can see another change in myself, as I feel typing out the lectures, and reading it repeatedly keeps my mind focused on whatever Baba speaks on during the lecture, it is also his divine grace to cleanse my thoughts, away from these materialistic pleasures, and through this I am perhaps on the path to spiritualism.

The topics he chooses to discuss during his discourses, has opened up our mind to ponder on various things, all of us are constantly thinking of Baba, now due to his teachings, we all understand that all souls are one and from the same source, our emotions are under control, the people whom we hate, all that has changed and they have become the people whom we accepted as part of our lives, now we feel everything is part of our Karma, what we performed in our previous lives.

Even when I am all alone to myself, I don’t feel completely alone, like I used to earlier, I do feel the presence of someone, that someone must be our dear Baba.


Baba always emphasizes that to be on the spiritual path, one needs to have a pure mind and body, for that reason he has taken pains and a lot of effort to initiate us and taught us courses on Naturopathy and also “Osho’s meditation techniques.” Personally, I didn’t get an inkling that I would ever land up doing all this, as I have the tendency to follow others and not be independent. With Baba’s grace I am following the diet and hope to continue it further successfully. I have lost about 6 or 7 kgs, and can confidently declare that I feel very energetic and radiant. Earlier to all this diet, my family was not in the habit of consuming fresh fruits, but now even our little girl Sukrithi has started eating fresh fruits salad. I never used to like to eat fruits like Papaya and Mango, as I consider them to be very “heaty”, but all that has changed now.

I am certain people will not be able to gauge my actual age due to this diet!!!! This naturopathy diet and the meditation one feels in sync. with one another, it seems as if, we have all crossed the gender barrier. This Osho’s technique has taught me to detach myself gradually and also to love and accept others as they are, open my inner self to others. There is a “death meditation” which is truly wonderful, you are to visualize that you have only 24 hours to live and what desires you have to fulfill within that time span and finally you die how others feel after you leave this earth, this meditation I feel I no longer feel sad that I am dying, I don’t really care If I leave this earth, as long as I have my dear Baba to hold my hand and take me with him. There is also “blissful dancing” this technique has made me lose my body consciousness and dance like in a trance. Its truly a long journey for me from what I was when I first met Baba and this day. Earlier I was a closed minded person, extremely body conscious, not confident, and unwilling to mingle easily with others, now am a different person altogether.

Now, at this juncture, I truly feel that bonding with everyone I meet, that aching that love that he talks about in his lectures.

Like Baba also says, we need to appreciate our body and mind, what nature has endowed to us, but without attachment, not to add ego to our looks and so on. Through this diet, I wish to say, I have started to appreciate this wonderful gift that nature has given us, everyday is a blessing, everyday is a celebration, just knowing that we have a Guru now who can show us the right path to spiritualism, we need not swerve from the path, he is always there for us no matter what, he will not forsake us.

In fact, it is we human beings who have the tendency to easily forget this divine soul and move on to the materialistic world back again.

By sharing our experiences with our Sadguruji Shri Satya Amruta Jyotiji, we wish to thank him wholeheartedly for being the beacon light to us, not only us but to scores of others in India and beyond, he is truly our “Matha, Pitha, Guru and Deva”.We place our heads on your lotus feet Baba to bless us and to continue being with us, help us not to forget you!

Mrs. Sugandhi Sanjay Seshadri

21st November


Sai Ram,I want to share the below experience with all devotees:
One 28th December 2004, I sent an email to Sriramji (SAJ) with the following subject:
“Should I buy Mr.M.K. Rajeev’s 11 cents of land in Tripunithara” (Kerala)

For which I got a reply with a SMILY & a ROSE FLOWER as follows:

“Sai Ram

Namaskar. Yes, you can buy – says baba. Pranam to your family.Sai Ram”

The Thursday after that I bought a big dabba of Machintosh “Quality Street” chocolate & distributed to all devotees with Baba’s permission. I told everyone the good news & everyone congratulated me.

The following week my parents, my wife & rest of the family members opposed to my idea, as it is quite far from Trichur. So I called up Rajeev & cancelled the deal to purchase the land without informing Baba.

The following Thursday I was in the queue to collect udi & get Baba’s blessing & the 1 or 2 chocolates or dates that Baba usually give.
“I was surprised when Baba took a full big packet of the Machintosh Quality Street & gave it to me instead of 1 “. But in my mind I was not surprised as I knew the reason why Baba gave it to me & today I want all of you to know the reason.

I asked for forgiveness & felt ashamed of myself. I recollected Baba’s lecture on Trust, Faith, Surrender & Total Surrender.
I realized what kind of bakth I am.
Sai Ram
Prakash C.P



Pranam to every one. We are fortunate enough that we have been given opportunity to share our own experiences to other sai devotees.

Little brief about before meeting Sad guru Satyaamritha Jyothi:

Due to health problems, we are no children till 3years completed of marriage.

We went to India for vacation for 2 months we were there and we went for a check up the gynecologist told me though you take a treatment also it is not easy to get a kid. But she dint tell us what was the problem. She told us in a harsh manner I was depressed. Later my husband through some one came to know about one ammaguru (she is to give messages from Baba) and who will help us in solving our problems so we went to her and after putting some questions she went in to meditation and she told us daily you are asking baba to give one kid but baba wants to give you 2 kids and she told me 2 names SAI NANDINI AND SAI VISHNU These names are for your kids Baba has told me. Then she told us you have small problem which can be rectified if take some medicine but with medicine you need blessings of baba i.e. UDI without which the medicine will not work.

After Meeting Sad guru Satyaamritha Jyothi and experiences:

we were back to Dubai and we visited a gynecologist there and she told me you have to take treatment and we will try you may conceive or may not conceive and She was depressed and then my wife prayed before Baba’s photo Dubai have very less amount with me which is sufficient for me for maternal check ups only so cannot afford a costly treatment as she don’t have job .Baba please you only give medicine to me you are only the doctor whom she have confidence and trust she don’t believe these doctors. Doctor’s medicines are not working for me.

One day suddenly we received a call from Baba’s sat sung (from one of devotee) he told us I am going to take you both to satang in Sharjah and you can find baba there once you visit him your life will change believe me no need to tell anything he will put his sacred hand on your head and tells every thing. He is Sai Baba(Sad Guru Sri Satya Amrihta Jyothi) eternal god and he told me some instances, the same day evening we went there and after seeing Baba we felt that what ever we are reading in Satcharitra we are finding it there the same way really Baba is there we felt happy to be there after the satang Baba blessed my wife and gave some Udi to apply for seven days and she used that with medicine and it worked wonders soon she conceived and doctor told her she is carrying twins and one boy and other girl, it was big miracle in our life. And we used to go to classes of satang regularly.

Even he took care about delivery also. We asked which hospital to go for delivery, Baba given one name for delivery. Pre-mature delivery taken place i.e., 8th month, before that when actual delivery date in the morning Baba come in dream. He was standing in the operation theatre. He took care about delivery successfully. This is the one more miracle we have passed through. The gynecologist said that my delivery was an miracle because it was supposed to be complicated as it was pre term delivery but every thing went on fine and babies are healthy she herself said it. My kids are healthy safe and by Baba’s grace. They are fortunate they are named by Baba.

When I wants to change my job and I was working there for 9 years there was no much scope and not much increase in the pay and it is not satisfactory and when we asked baba told us when to leave and I followed that and I was in India for 3 months and after that I tried for visit visa and I got depressed. I took advice from Baba and all of sudden I got visa and that too in one day morning they applied by afternoon I got visa. It is a miracle.

After reaching to Dubai Baba guided me to through one of sai devotee, through him I got job without much problems (what surprising is that that sai devotee and my self were never met before) with in 15days I got the job with grace of baba. And baba told me to stay in that job with a peaceful mind what every situation comes his way attends peacefully.

Recently Baba as started teaching naturopathy. Totally a different class regarding dieting and how to keep the body fit. I have attended this class and my weight was reduced about 12 to 13 kgs with in three weeks. And I had little health problems that is also cured after doing this course.

We cannot think about a small thing also without baba because we are feeling and finding baba in the life in every step every situation and we feel if baba was not there what would be our situation. He is father mother god every thing for us.

Meeting Sad Guru Sri Satyaamrithajyothi is totally changed our lives. He is there for us for every step in our life. We never seen person like sad guru. I have come across so many gurus but we have not seen person like Sad Guru Sri Satyaamrithajyothi. He was so patient, he never says no to any question. He teaches so many things to follow in day today life. After meeting him we have learned what the realization is and how to follow spiritual life etc.

For us Baba is father, mother and guru. For us he is every thing. We feel we are so fortune enough that we are in his sat sang. And also we feel he is for us for each step and each minute with us.


Surya Prakash & Kamala

20th November



Dear Souls,

My name is Vasu & I am a Mechanical Engineer employed with an MNC in Dubai as a Sales Manager. I have a wife & two children. It is with great pleasure that I would like to share my experiences with all of you.
Sadguruji came into my life like a whiff of fresh cool breeze, in the scorching summer of 2004……or, should I say that he took me under his wings, for I have always felt that it was only due to his calling, that, I sit at his feet during the Satsangs (discourses). I had always wondered as to why God had created me? Was there any purpose to my life? Was there any destiny for me to fulfill or was I just another rat in the rat race…….get educated, find a good job, marry, have children, educate them, marry them off, hopefully save some money for retirement, retire & then do the rounds of temples & pilgrimages, counting my last days & cursing my health? Was this all life was about? It all started then.


I had just relocated from Chennai to Dubai with my family, a few months ago. One day I was meeting a customer of mine, probably for the first or second time, & the topic shifted from business to spiritual matters. I was complaining to him about the total commercialism of Dubai & the lack of spiritualism, to which he replied that Dubai was not all that bad at all; in fact Baba was giving discourses there. I asked which Baba, to which he replied Shirdi Sai Baba. I naturally thought that he was completely mad! I wanted to ask more but given the fact that I hardly knew him & seeing the complacent look on his face, I decided against it. I have always been attracted to spiritualism (not to be confused with religion) & though I was not a particular fan of Shirdi Sai Baba or for that matter any other particular deity, something deep inside made me say “Can I come with my family?” He said that he would ask permission & let me know. Please do not mistake me, I am not an atheist. In fact, I come from an orthodox, Tamil speaking, Iyengar family, but to me, GOD was something impersonal. Later, I got permission & went for the Satsang without any expectations, simply because, I did not know what to expect! And thus my spiritual journey began. Today, I cannot thank myself enough for having taken that first step. I am also eternally grateful to my customer (now my brother disciple) for introducing me to the Satsang’s & most of all to Sadguruji for pulling me to his feet.THE TEACHINGS:
As I started attending his discourses & listened attentively, I slowly began to realize that here was one person who could give me the answer to all the questions that had been haunting me. He spoke about all topics, he welcomed people from all backgrounds & we discussed many religions. I was delighted to finally be a part of a forum where nothing was TABOO! I finally understood why certain rituals were performed & for the first time, I began to appreciate the wisdom of our fore fathers, because for the first time, things were explained properly. I now understood that it was not all superstition or a waste of time. He was actually teaching us SANATANA DHARMA – the ancient way of life, from which all ism’s including Hinduism have sprung up. Slowly I learnt the reason for my existence & the importance of human birth. My destiny, the reason why GOD had created me, was to realize that I was also divine; it was to realize that GOD is within me & there was no need to search externally. Now the time had come to start the internal search. I learnt many things from his discourses, but the main things that struck me are as under;
Life is all about acceptance. Accept whatever happens in as calm a manner as possible.
As far as possible, live life, always, in the neutral gear i.e. live every moment, moment to moment. There is no point in fretting about the past or worrying about the future. Value every breath that God has given us.
Sadguruji taught me to be fearless, come what may.
He taught me never to consider myself a sinner but to strive & improve.
He taught me to take my body seriously & through his discourses I understood for the first time what the cliché “the Body is the temple of God” really meant.
He taught me about Chakras, Kundalini & the most spectacular was about how to relate my body to the Dasa Avataar’s & to Ramayana!
He also taught me many practical things, since theory can only take one so far. He initiated me to Transcedental Meditation, Yoga, Vipassana meditation, Sudarshana Kriya & Naturopathy. He taught me to take myself seriously, but to laugh at things happening around me & Most importantly, he taught me that one does not have to go to the Himalayas in order to lead a spiritual life; one can do it in our current world, while at the same time, fulfilling out duties.


I would like to add that the wonderful thing about Sadguruji is that, he is also available for guidance on day to day affairs, which may be bothering the devotees. I was totally unhappy with my job as I felt that I was not being treated well & that I was stagnating in my professional career. I kept asking him as to when I would get a better opportunity. He kept saying wait, wait, & this went on for one & a half years. Finally one fine day (a couple of months ago), I was terminated by my bosses, in a meeting that lasted all of 10 minutes. They asked me not to come to office from the next day & said that they would settle one month’s salary. Normally I would have been in a state of shock. I was in a foreign land, I had two school going children, & in addition I had just purchased a fantastic, expensive car through the divine message of Sadguruji. But thanks to my faith in Sadguruji, I had a feeling that this was coming & keeping in mind the labour laws of this country, the termination was really a blessing in disguise. If I had resigned on my own, then the company would have enforced a one year employment ban & I would have to leave the country & relocate my family in another country. But more importantly for me, this also meant that I would have to be away from Sadguruji & the Satsang’s, which I had never missed since day one. I was finally free from the company that I had worked in, for the past 6 years. Though I was jobless, by the Grace of Sadguruji, I got a much better job in terms of salary, treatment, working environment, etc, within a span of one month. Earlier, this year, I had acquired a small fortune, which I offered to him. However he refused to take any money. Such is his way.
My wife & I always consult Sadguruji on what some may consider even minor matters. I have purchased my mobile phone, sun glasses, some clothes for me & my children, perfume, car, TV & many other things after seeking divine guidance from him. My daughters pre-school & school were chosen by him. Sadguruji even came shopping with us! We plan our annual vacations to India, after seeking the airline, departure & arrival dates from him. He also guides me on what pilgrimage trips to plan during my annual visit to India. I have realized that for him, nothing is too small. It is the devotees who classify things as trivial or important. He is so selfless & ever ready to help, either by meeting us directly, when time permits, or replying our mails.


It is all very nice to attend the Satsangs very regularly, but that in itself is not the end. The objective is to change myself. As a result of Sadguruji’s teachings, I have learnt to take care of my body. I now exercise almost daily, & with the help of naturopathy I have lost 10 kilos in a month, though I was never over weight, for my height. I feel much lighter & younger at heart. I have also learnt the importance of diet in relation to the mind & I try to eat less quantity & more nutritious food. I was never fond of fruits & salads, but now they are a regular part of my diet. I have also undertaken various body cleansing exercises like Jal Dhoti, Jal Neti, Sutra Neti & Khichidi therapy. By his inspiration, I could fast on liquid diet for two weeks & still continue my regular office routine & exercise schedule, even though I had never, ever, fasted before! I now regularly practice meditation & it has helped calm my mind. I have learnt to be a little happier, a little kinder, a little selfless, a little wiser, a little less egoistic, a little more open minded & most of all, to keep observing my mind, which many a times is my most dangerous enemy, since I do not understand how to control it. I can now observe minute changes in my self & my thought process is becoming more positive. My sleep is much better & my general acceptance level has improved. However, I must confess that, I still have many deficiencies to over come, & a long way to go, but at the same time I realize that, Self realization is not a joke & nothing is going to happen over night. It may take just one life time or many janma’s, but I am grateful to Sadguruji, for pointing the way. Now, at least, I can proudly say, that, I have started to walk the path of self realization, & how much progress I make, depends only on my efforts & His Grace.


It is very difficult for me to describe my relationship with Sadguruji. How does a child describe how important his mother is to him? Or how can a flower describe the care taken by the gardener to nurture it? Sadguruji is like a divine gardener; he provides water, air, sunlight & fertilizer through his teachings, but he allows us to bloom. If we do he is happy; if not, the loss is only ours. I believe that, Sadguruji, like many saints, also works on the devotees internally, molding them. All I can say is that Sadguruji has now become a very integral part of my life. I wake up everyday with his name on my lips. I have always come to the Satsang’s more for spiritual food than for monetary benefits. Those are by products. For me Sadguruji is God himself. Whether he is an incarnation of Sai Baba or Maha Vishnu or Shankara or Brahma, does not matter to me. For me he is more important than all of them put together. This may sound arrogant to some people, but please think about it. I have never seen the above mentioned Gods even in a dream, much less felt their presence….…but Sadguruji, I have heard, touched, spoken & written to. He is the one who guides me. Whenever, I think about him, there is warmth in my heart. I feel much more secure, knowing that he is there for me & even though, my friends & relatives may forsake me, he will always be there for me. Isn’t that enough? Who gives that guarantee? It is an extremely nice feeling to finally know that God is there for me. I am His child & he wants to see me well fed, well clothed & comfortable in life, so that I can follow the spiritual path with bare distractions. In today’s Kaliyuga, can you come across, even a few people, carrying out all the service that he is doing & teaching so many things, absolutely free? He never even sleeps! He is most compassionate & his talks are filled with humour. He is the ocean of Mercy & Bliss. I thank God many times for him. My sincere plea to you is, please, give yourself a chance. Please, do not miss this opportunity. He is only doing God’s work without expecting anything, MATERIAL, in return from us. He only wants us to realize our true self. Would you recognize God, if he stood in front of you, in the form of a normal human being? Please try, with patience & faith. I can assure you that this is one decision, you will never regret. There are as many Guru’s available today, as there are frogs croaking during monsoon. Our problem is that it is very difficult to find a genuine one. In all modesty, I vouch that Sadgurji is genuine. I am not asking you to believe me……. please do experience him yourself.
Sai Ram
20th Nov, 2006

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